Al Rajhi Bank is the holistic partner for financial institutions providing excellent product services to its customers. Al Rajhi Bank strength in long-term and fair relationships combined with its product expertise make for a winning partnership and the customer's success.

Looking back on a long-standing history in banking, Al Rajhi Bank Financial Institutions is well-known for its long-term, fair relationships and for operating hand-in-hand with its customers, thus standing out from the multitude of providers.

Al Rajhi Bank Financial Institutions team is group of professionals, with global coverage for all major markets. With the assistance of Relationship Managers and Product Specialists, Al Rajhi Bank Financial Institutions succeeds in understanding the needs of its customers, attentively responding to current developments and challenges.

Long-standing and profound customer knowledge and an exceptional product service provide Al Rajhi Bank Financial Institutions with the means to give its customers a competitive edge in the global and local market.

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