SME Banking

The importance of SME sector is well recognized world over for its significant role in the global economic growth. The vibrant SME sector in KSA plays a pivotal role in generating employment, driving economic growth, increasing cross border trade & fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Al Rajhi Bank has always taken the lead in developing innovative financial solutions tailor made for its customers. Realizing the importance of the SME segment and with a view to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs in the globalised scenario , SME Banking department at Al Rajhi Bank is structured to meet the financial requirements of small businesses operating in various sectors of the economy including trade, services and manufacturing.

Whether you are an entrepreneur staring the business or an established business looking to grow, Al Rajhi Bank provides access to a large number of products and services tailored to your specific business requirements. To understand the core financial issues of SMEs and to offer unmatchable solutions, a team of professional qualified relationship managers are present in key locations of the kingdom

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Kafalah Program

Supported by the Ministry of Finance and the operating banks of KSA,the Program is tailored to guarantee the Bank a percentage of the finance credit given to Small and Medium Enterprises in order to allow them to get finance from the Bank after studying their economic feasibility. In other words, the Kafalah Program guarantees financing banks 80% of existing projects’ finance and future projects’ finance value.

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