FAQs for Personal Additional Finance

Does Personal Additional Finance close my existing Finance and do I get a new one with different terms?
Personal Additional Finance is an additional finance to what you already have with us. It does not close your existing Finance and you pay your Additional Finance in parallel to your existing installments.
How can I be eligible to apply for Additional Finance?
You must have at least one existing Personal Finance to be eligible for Additional Finance.
If I already have an existing Personal Finance, when can I apply for a Additional?
There is no condition on the minimum number of installments you have settled before applying for Additional Finance. Even, if your Personal Finance is fresh, you can get Additional Finance.
If I am currently repaying more than one Finance, can I get the Additional Finance?
Yes, you can get Additional Finance even if you have more than one existing finance, but one of them must be a Personal Finance. However, you can get confirmation by calling us at 800 124 1222.
How much can I borrow with Refinance?
You can easily find out with our instant online calculator. Click here to get started.
Can I choose the period of Finance?
Yes, you can choose the period that suits you, from 6 months to five-years. You can easily find out with our instant online calculator. Click here to get started.
How is the Additional Finance Program Shariah compliant?
Personal Additional Finance is based on the concept of buying Shariah complaint local shares and selling them to you at a profit. Immediately afterwards, you can decide to sell the shares and collect the cash in your account. This method is completely Shariah complaint.

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