Board of Directors

The Bank's Board of Directors represents a set of members elected by the General Assembly every three years. Members are classified according to the definitions provided in the Capital Market Authority Corporate Governance Regulations as follows:

Abdullah bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi

Mr. Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al Rajhi

Holding a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from King Abdulaziz University in 1979, he has contributed to the conversion of Al Rajhi Exchange and Trade Company into a Public joint stock Company.

Salah bin Ali Abaelkhail

Mr. Salah bin Ali AbalKhail

Mr. Abaelkhail earned a bachelor's degree in Engineering from Arizona in 1972. He has been working in the field of advisory and investment for more than forty years.

Abdulaziz bin Khalid Al-Ghefaily

Mr. Abdulaziz bin Khaled Al Ghefaily

Mr. Al Ghefaily received a Master's degree in economics from the United States in 1990. He has been working in the field of financial investment for more than twenty years.

Badr Bin Mohamed Al-Rajhi

Mr. Bader bin Mohammed Al Rajhi

With more than twenty-five years of experience, Mr. Badr Al Rajhi has held several leading positions in areas of administration, industry and real estate investment.

Khalid Bin Abdurrahman Al-Quiz

Mr. Khaled bin Abdulrahman Al Qoaiz

With more than 30 years of practical experience in the banking, financial, and industrial field, during which he held number of banking leading positions in a number of local banks.

AAlaa Bin Shakeeb Al-Jabri.jpg

Mr. Alaa bin Shakib Al Jabiri

Mr. Al Jabri Received the Master’s degree in Financial Administration, and he has a practical experience for more than 30 years, in the banking and financial areas.

Ibrahim F. Al-Ghofaily

Ameen F. Al-Shiddi

Hamza O. Khushaim

Raed A. Al-Tamimi

Abdulatif A. Alseif​