Private Account

Welcome to the world of Private Banking, “Al-Khassa” where the passion to serve you at all time and to provide you world-class, innovative banking solutions and investment products that guarantee the success you deserve.

We take pride in our special relationship with you and as such are continuously motivated to improve our service and to better assist you in fulfilling your goals.

Private Banking Privileges

Our exclusive banking services and products are designed to meet your lifestyle and fulfill your aspirations. Once you join, you will be among the most distinguished customers of the bank, receiving special services. Our dedicated team is focused and ready to provide you with what you require, at any time of the day.

  • Committed Private Banking centers
  • A dedicated relationship manager
  • Extended working hours from 08:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Free Visa Infinite credit card with supplementary credit cards for your family
  • Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card and cheque book in an Private banking special design
  • Fees waived local and international money transfer
  • Money transfer to other accounts of up to SR 700,000 per day via internet
  • Cash deposit of up to SR 200,000 in any of Al Rajhi Bank ATMs
  • 24-hour phone banking services at 800 124 8880 (free call from mobile)
  • Investment products and services offered to you through Al Rajhi Capital

Eligibility to Join Private Banking Membership

You can join Private membership either on the basis of your account balance with us or on the basis of your monthly salary. See the table below for more details

Existing Customer Membership Through Account Balance
(Average balance for 6 months)
Membership Through Monthly Salary
  • SR 3,500,000 for individuals
  • SR 10,000,000 for establishments
  • SR 100,000 (for men or ladies) *
New Customer Membership Through Account Balance (Current balance) Membership Through Monthly Salary
  • SR 5,000,000 for individuals
  • SR 15,000,000 for establishments
  • SR 100,000 (for men or ladies)*

Join Private Banking

You can join our Private Banking membership by applying through one of the ways:

Private Banking Centres

Address: King Fahad Road, PO Box 28, Riyadh 11411
Telephone: 011 211 9333, 011 211 9334
Fax: 011 211 932

Riyadh (Ladies)
Telephone: 011 281 5368, 011 281 1981 ext # 105, 116
Fax: 011 281 5368, 011 281 1981 ext # 102

Address: Al-Tahliyah Road, PO Box 605, Jeddah 21421
Telephone: 012 664 5959
Fax: 012 664 6230

Address: Al Corniche, King Abdu Allah Road, PO Box 6030, Dammam 31442
Telephone: 013 835 1000
Fax: 013 830 2344

Address: Al Aziziya Al Janobiayh, Al Kamareya tower, 2nd floor
Telephone: 012 553 3598
Fax: 012 554 5217