Get exclusive 45% discount on Car Care Express Film services 

Al Rajhi Bank is pleased to exclusively offer a 45% discount on Care Care Express Services to our Al Rajhi Bank all type of Card holders (mada and Credit) as well as to our Auto Finance Customers

Car Care Express Services Include:

  • Thermal protection
  • Nano ceramic protection
  • Front protection
  • Polishing
  • Car Floor covering
  • Car seats covering
  • Navigation screens
  • DVD screens
  • ِAnti-rust

How to avail this offer:

  • 45% Discount for Auto Finance customers should bring discount coupons form auto showroom to avail this offer
  • 45% Discount for Al Rajhi Bank all Card holders (mada, Credit Card)
  • The offer is valid till 31-12-2017
  • ​​​​​​​

Car Care Services Locations

Branch Name Branch Address Telephone Location Map
Al Riyadh 1 Imam Shafi,Kurais Road 920004835 Map
Al Riyadh 2 Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud 920004835 Map
Al Khobar AL Rakah, opposite Panda 920004835 Map
Al Dammam Airport Road 71 920004835 Map
Al Jubail Dabab Street 920004835 Map
Al Qateef AL Khaleej Street 920004835 Map