Saudi project to benefit from religious sacrifices & offerings

The Saudi Arabian government established the “Saudi project to benefit from religious sacrifices & offerings” in order to fulfill Shariah dictates for the Hajj pillar of Islam. The government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques entrusted the implementation of this project to the Islamic Bank.

The Council of Ministers issued a decree that limits the sale, marketing and issuance of religious sacrifices and offerings (Hadyi, Fidya, Sadaqah, Adhhiyah) in the Kingdom to the “Saudi project to benefit from religious sacrifices & offerings”. This project is to be implemented by the Islamic Bank for Development in collaboration with Al Rajhi Bank.

The Kingdom provided all the requirements necessary to ensure all Shariah conditions and cattle health standards are met in all slaughterhouses falling under the project’s supervision.

Voucher types:

  • Offerings “Al Hadyi” (for those doing a Tamattu’ or Qiraan pilgrimage)
  • Compensation “Fidya” (for those who have left a duty unfulfilled and it is to be distributed to the poor of the Holy Mosque)
  • Charity “Sadaqah”
  • Religious sacrifice “Adhhiyah”

Price of sacrifice:

It costs SR 450, which includes the price of the sacrifice itself and the expenses of distributing it to the poor of the Islamic world.

Sale options:

  • Electronic channels – ATM
  • Electronic channels – Al Mubasher Retail
  • Direct sales of vouchers through the branches of Mecca & Medina

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