Insurance for Personal Accident Risk Coverage

What is Insurance?

It is an Islamic, shariah compliant insurance based on the principle of cooperation between a group of individuals facing coherent risks and sharing collectively the same financial consequences that may happen to any of them in life.

Insurance Program offers you a wide range of services, products that suit your needs. It provides you with an efficient support thanks to employees who are experts and ready to fulfill all your requirements under Takaful program conditions. The program also helps you minimize the financial consequences of any sudden or unexpected accidents (God Forbid).

What is Insurance for Personal Accident Risk Coverage?

Unexpected accidents do happen in life and cannot be avoided, they can happen at anytime and to anyone no matter how focused or attentive he is. That’s why, every individual needs to plan and think about physical and financial hard ships in case any accident happen (God Forbid).

Insurance for Personal Accidents Risks Coverage offers you protection against fatality or disabilities caused due to an accident. All you have to do is choose this program which provides you with peace of mind and assurance of support in case of an unfortunate mishap.

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