Business Account

Banking tailored to your business

Business Account

Banking tailored to your business

Business banking just got easier

Your business is one of a kind so the service you expect from your bank needs to be just as distinctive. We offer banking services, support and expert advice to help your business grow.

  1. Accounts designed for the way you choose to do business
  2. Flexible ways to borrow when you need a helping hand
  3. Expertise from people who understand the challenges you face
  4. Fully Shariah Compliant

An account to suit your business

Whether you want instant-access to your money or a better rate for a fixed term, we have an account that fits the way you do business. Our Business Bank Accounts are convenient and straightforward, because we know running a business is hard enough.

Stay connected

We offer a range of everyday banking benefits including free transactions, competitive profit share and 24 hour access to your money. If you make or receive regular payments, and want to manage your cash flow more effectively, our business account is the right choice.

Mada Business Card

A secure way to purchase goods

Al Rajhi mada Business Card is a current account card for sole proprietorship specially designed to meet the needs and business of those institutions. The card is issued at the request of the owner of the institution and is directly linked to the institution's current account with the bank. The card provides the holder with all services and benefits offered by mada cards for the current account.