MSME Lending Products Special Offer

MSME Lending Products Special Offer

MSME Lending Products Campaign

As part of the bank’s ongoing commitment to providing the finest products and offers that align with our customers’ aspirations, we are delighted to announce the launch of MSME Financing Products Campaign for both ARB & Non-ARB clients.

Campaign Benefits:

  1. 50% waiver on management fees for all products with no cap
  2. 100% waiver on management fees for Fleet Financing product with no cap
  3. Installments grace period of two months
  4. First-three months subscription waiver for Platinum SME bundle
  5. Free for life SME Revolving Credit Card


  1. POS Financing
  2. Fleet Financing
  3. E-commerce Financing
  4. Business Instalment Financing
  5. EIRAD Financing
  6. SME Bundles
  7. SME Credit Card

Campaign Period:

Offer is valid from the 5th of June till July 31st 2024

Terms and Conditions:

  1. In case If the SME Bundle is canceled prior completing one year, the client will bear all the three months waived subscriptions
  2. The execution must be within 30 days from the approval date maximum by 31/08/2024

The request can be initiated through all various bank channels, including the E-business application, MSB direct sales, Tele sales, Business Solutions Offices and Branch Network.