A Creative Perspective to Shariah Compliant Financial Risk Management

We at Al Rajhi Treasury are committed to provide you with a range of comprehensive Shariah compliant financial risk management solutions to suit your everyday business needs. Our aim is to consistently exceed your expectations through cutting-edge financial solutions and outstanding service that seamlessly transform your financial risks to opportunities in an ever changing Global Market.

  1. Shariah compliant solutions that manage financial risk
  2. High-quality efficient and professional services
  3. Low-risk competitive prices with flexible investment periods

Our Sharia Compliant Treasury Products

  1. Direct Investment : Gain exposure to this important asset class with less risk by diversifying your portfolio using our Murabaha based Islamic investment tool. Al-Rajhi bank understand commodity-related assets and the global trends that affect them. Our Direct Investments are structured using commodities such as metals and crude palm oil.
  2. Bank Notes: We source and price foreign Banknotes for Banks, retail and corporate clients. Prices for notes are updated daily and distributed to Branches, Tahweel Centers, vaults and electronic channels (ATMs) so that we can offer you the most competitive pricing.
  3. FX Forward : This is a Shariah compliant FX Forward (FWD) which is designed to replicate the same economic benefits of a conventional FX FWD. It is suitable for clients who have the need to hedge foreign currency receivables or payables on a future date. It gives the client the opportunity to protect their future exchange exposures against market uncertainty and fix the forward exchange price.
  4. Gold Trading : Gold Trading allows you to profit from one of the most advantageous investment paths. The gold market offers high liquidity and excellent opportunities to profit due to its unique position within the world’s economic and political systems. The physical gold product will be offered to our clients by acting as an agent to the Gold and precious metals trading companies.
  5. Spot FX : Al Rajhi Treasury extends services to its customers to buy or sell a foreign currency (FCY) to settle financial commitments across borders. These FCY payments or receivables are processed through a network of over 140 Nostro A/C and over 35 currencies at a very competitive price.
  6. Best FX Rates : Alrajhi Bank is always committed to offer the best FX rate for your Transactions including: foreign currency transfer, Trades or Banknote through Alrajhi’ s digital channels and large network of Branches and Tahweel Centers. Main currencies covered are: United State Dollar USD, EUR, Great Britain Pound GBP, Arab Emirates Dirham AED, Kuwaiti Dinar KWD, Bahraini Dinar BHD, Qatari Riyal QAR, Omani Riyal OMR, Jordanian Dirham JOD * Terms & Conditions are applied * Exchange rates are subjected to change in regular basis & dynamically with market movement.

Our Treasury Team

  1. Treasury Sales : Our Treasury Sales team partner with Corporate, SME, Retail, Government and High-net-worth client segments to creating value to our customers in their financial transactions across complex Global exchange markets.Accordingly Banks Shariah Compliant risk solutions creates the required framework to our clients to achieve their financial objectives at a convenient and an efficient manner..
  2. FX Team : The FX team actively supports the bank by providing competitive prices and by advising on currency directions to service the customers. The FX team runs the exchange risk of such FX positions and remains constantly in touch with all the international FX markets and stays abreast of the events affecting the currency prices. The dealers manage the open positions by covering in a timely manner, within prescribed risk limits of the bank.
  3. Money Markets : Driven from our strong commitment to provide innovative and Sharia Compliant financial solutions, the Money Market team is concerned with the management of liquidity at a bank-wide level, along with access to Al Rajhi Bank’s international capabilities, which enables us to provide the best Sharia Compliant financial instruments for our clients.
  4. Investments : By responding to market developments with the objective to generate returns higher than the benchmark, ARB has expanded its investment portfolio to include a wide range of Sharia –Compliant asset classes to enhance and diversify the income streams as well as improve yield pickup along with managing the bank liquidity in the long term.
  5. Balance Sheet Management : Our Balance sheet management team manages our assets and liabilities to oversee funding along with maintaining regulatory ratios requirements which involve profit rate risks and liquidity GAP management.