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winners to attend the AFC CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2023/24 matches

Customer name

Last 4 digits of CIC



MOHAMMED  ********5323
SALEH HAS ********8221 
 AHMED OBAIDALL ********6327
 BASIL ALI ********0311
 SALEH ABDULLA  ********0104
 MANSOUR MITH  ********6403
 MABARK FAYA  ********4730
 Osamah Ibrahim  ********8451
 SALMAN ABDULLA ********6522 
 MOHAMMED S  ********1139
 HATEM YOUS  ********3853
 HUSSAM SULT  ********9519
 SALMAN MOHA ********2747 
 ABDULAZIZ WAHIR  ********6132
 FARRAJ SHUR  ********5957
 MARAM FOUZA  ********3367
 NUJUD ABDULLA  ********2463
 RAKAN HAMED  ********8368
 HESHAM RAS  ********8178
 ABDULLAH MUBAR  ********5015
 TAHANI ABDULLA  ********4102
 MOHAMMED DUM  ********1847
 ABEER ALI  ********3516
 KALED SA  ********3479
 BADER SA ********5482 
 HAMOUD MOH  ********2761
 NAIF MAHA  ********3773
 FAWAZ AL M  ********5949
 SAAD ABDULLA  ********9158
 FAHDAH ABDULRAH  ********1707
 ASSEM NASS  ********2358
 WALED ABDULLA  ********5049
 THAMER MOH  ********1330
 SAFAR JARALL  ********7912
 SALEH SULAIM  ********0585
 Fawzia Tali  ********0439
 BASEM AHME  ********2107
 BADER FAL  ********0654
 TURKI FALE  ********4508
 ABDUEHMAN FAHA  ********1678
 ISMAEEL OTHMAN  ********9465
 HANI ABDULLAH  ********8670
 ABDULAZIZ ZAID  ********6533
 ABDULLAH AMMA  ********5856
 MESHAL MOH  ********9330
 RAMI SAUD   ********5712
 SAUD JARALLAH  ********0051
 RAYAN MOHA  ********1996
 TARIQ OWAI  ********7076
 ALI AHMED  ********4641
 OMAR ABDELFATT ********1550 
 HANI SHAKE  ********0579
 YOUSSEF MO  ********2107
 RABAH HAM ********4844 
 SUNDUS KH  ********8314
 OMAR ABDULLA  ********6310
 KHALID JOH  ********0054
 TARIQ SULAIM  ********2580
 MOHAMMED   ********0622
 MOHAMMED ABDU  ********6493
 MANSOUR ABDULL  ********6309
 ABDULLAH SULAIM  ********6073
 FAWAZ SULAIM  ********8894
 TARIG ALI ********4762 
 AHMAD FARI ********4118 
 AHMED ABBA  ********8175
 BADER AL  ********2226
 SULTAN HAS  ********2439
 MAJED MOHA  ********1359

The most exciting football championships with our credit & prepaid cards…

get a chance to win one of the 80 winners to attend the AFC CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2023/24 matches, courtesy of Visa

Register here to participate in the offer and be eligible to win one of the packages *.

Period of Promotion

Offer is valid from 13 - 25 November 2023

Number of winners eligible to win 80 packages for 2 ticket to attend the match for 2 persons will be determined based on the highest spends during the promotion period according to the card type below:

Match 5 Match 6
Card Type Al-Nassr 
 Al Fayha
Ahal FC
Mazandaran – FC Nassaji
Al Ittihad
Sepahan SC 
Black Credit 5  5
5  5
Infinite Credit 6  6 6  6
Signature Credit 6  6 6  6
Platinum Credit  and Prepaid Cards 3  3 3  3
Total Packages 20 20  20 20  20

Terms and Conditions

  1. The customer must have participated within the survey through alrajhi bank app or website to identify his / her favorite club. Only customers who selected the particular playing team, as their favorite team, would be eligible for the respective match.
  2. Each winner can invite one person with him to watch the match.
  3. Age of the winner and guest must not be less than 18 years.
  4. The highest spender of alrajhi bank credit and prepaid cards qualifies to win one of the packages for two people, including costs for attending.
  5. There is a specific number of packages for each card category as mentioned in the table above.
  6. Prize will be awarded based on top spenders and as their selected the particular playing team through alrajhi bank survey.
  7. Only the retail purchases will be eligible, including payments through Apple, mada Pay or any digital wallets to qualify and win one of the packages.
  8. Cash withdrawals, any e-wallet load, funds transfer to current account and reversals of POS/e-commerce spends or transactions that have been refunded or canceled will be excluded from being considered within the campaign spends.
  9. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to another person. If the winner does not agree to travel within the stipulated time, we will present the prize to the next eligible customer.
  10. Any other costs apart from the items listed in the Package would be borne by the winners themselves.
  11. The packages will be rewarded to active and non-delinquent Cards.
  12. Cardholders may qualify for the rewards only once during the promotion.
  13. Winner will be informed of the prize details and must confirm to the bank that he/she accepted within 24 hours or the bank has the right to change the customer’s attendance opportunity.
  14. The bank has the right to change the customer’s attendance opportunity for any match in the AFC CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2023/24.
  15. The bank will choose another winner if the travel conditions for the winner are not met.
  16. The bank will contact qualified customers for reward and the bank reserves the right to announce their names on the bank website and digital channels.

AFC CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2023/24 terms & conditions apply.

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