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Holoul manpower offer

Exclusively with alrajhi bank cards…

Up to 12% off for alrajhi bank cards holders on rent the services of house workers services from month till 2 years at Holoul.

Call center: 920031310 (Sun to Thu from 9 AM to 5 PM)

Period of Promotion

Valid till 30th of May 2024.


Prices for Renting Services of Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia and Uganda nationality

      1Month                    2Month                3Month                          6Month                   
alrajhi bank prices
1870 3700  5100  9900  19200 

  1850   1700  1650   1600
Prices before discount
2050 4050  5800 
11000 22000 

Possibility of installments 

NO  NO  NO Yes 


  1. All prices include VAT.
  2. Possibility of interviewing with worker.
  3. The branch is in Riyadh, and we serve all cities in the KSA with a minimal delivery fee.
  4. Health insurance.
  5. Trained workers.
  6. Transfer services at lowest prices.
  7. Prices include labor salaries.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Pay by alrajhi cards.
  2. Alrajhi bank card and integrated solutions manpower Co. terms & conditions are applying.

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