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Your Bill Payment Through SADAD Gives You mokafaa Loyalty Points!

You can now earn even more mokafaa points, and redeem them at 50 plus in-store partners across the Kingdom, convert to Alfursan Miles, or simply transfer to your loved ones. mokafaa loyalty points will be earned as per the below Conditions. 
  1. Customer will get mokafaa points when they preform bill payment using SADAD through alrajhi bank app.
  2. Points will be added within 5 working days.
  3. Customer can enjoy redeeming the points through mokafaa program.
  4. Customers will get 25 points on each bill payment through alrajhi bank app.
  5. Customer will be eligible for maximum 10 credits of Mokafaa points monthly.
  6. Bill amount should be equal or above 50 SAR to be eligible for Mokafaa points.
  7. Daily Repeated transactions to the same biller will not be counted.
  8. Refunded or Canceled Transactions will not be counted and Bank have the right to debit the credited mokafaa points.
SADAD Bill Payment through alrajhi bank app   for each bill
SADAD Bills 25 Points per Bill

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