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Additional mokafaa points & miles

With alrajhi bank credit cards, Earn up to 50% additional mokafaa points/miles on your international purchases, and up to 25% on your domestic purchases.



Criteria for Earning mokafaa points:

     Credit Cards   Mokafaa points earned per 1 SAR spend

  Current     During Campaign
  Platinum  5 7.5
  Signature  6 9
  Infinite  6 9
   Domestic    Platinum  2 2.5
  Signature  4 5
  Infinite  4 5


Criteria for Earning reward miles:

     AlFursan Credit Cards   SAR Spend required to earn 1 Mile

  Current  (SAR)   During Campaign (SAR)
  Infinite 1.5 1
  Platinum 3 2
   Domestic    Infinite 2.5 2
  Platinum 3.75 3

Criteria for Earning reward naSmiles:

     flynas Credit Card   SAR Spend required to earn 1 naSmiles

Current    (SAR) During Campaign (SAR)
  1.5 1
   Domestic    2.5 2

Period of Promotion

Offer valid from 13 June to 17 August, 2024

Terms and Conditions

  1. The offer includes Al Rajhi Bank Credit, Charge, AlFursan, and Flynas cards that earn Mokafaa points/miles, but excludes Travel Plus and Cashback Plus credit cards.
  2. There is no minimum spending requirement.
  3. Valid on international and local spending using eligible cards via point of sale or Apple Pay. Excludes e-commerce transactions.
  4. Transactions outside the promotion period are not eligible for additional mokafaa points/miles.
  5. Any E-wallet loads, cash withdrawals, fund transfers, financial services, refunded, or canceled transactions are excluded.
  6. Customers must be registered members of the mokafaa program before the promotion ends and at the time of points credit.
  7. Eligible customers will receive additional mokafaa points/miles within 30 days after the promotion ends.
  8. The card must be active and without any overdue balance to qualify for the extra points or miles.
  9. alrajhi bank cards, mokafaa, and Miles Terms and conditions apply.

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