Al Rajhi Bank concludes its Enterprise Credit Risk Management program


Al Rajhi Bank in partnership with Moody’s Analytics, concludes its “Enterprise Credit Risk Management” program implemented at the School of Banking at Al Rajhi Academy.

The “Moody’s – Al Rajhi Bank” program, developed at Al Rajhi Bank Academy, includes certificates of different levels, ranging from 9 to 12 months.

The program is based on an educational system with a diverse curriculum that aims to enhance credit abilities of those involved in designing a credit risk management program for enterprises, including relationship managers’, bank and risk management employees.

The “Enterprise Credit Risk Management” program falls under the many certificates granted in the technical field, completed at the School of Banking at Al Rajhi Academy.

Chief Human Resources Officer, Mr. Ahmed Alsudais stated that the bank’s partnership with Moody’s to implement the programs ensures the use of the highest international standards to achieve educational results of the highest ratings. He also confirmed that the bank’s goal is to develop an integrated educational program and understanding that offers employees a strong basis in risk management, paving the way for them to meet their business goals and develop the necessary flexibility within a risky working environment that is known for its complexity and fluctuation.

Mr. Alsudais also added that managing credit risks for enterprises helps achieve multiple goals that allow employees to work on a higher level and the creation of an international credit language within the bank as it leads to better communication among decision makers; in addition to making way for better suggestions that enable relationship managers to enhance their role as a distinct first line of defense and allow more transparent discussions around the fundamentals and principals of credit with the risk management team.

The program provides employees with new ways to enhance their communication skills allowing them to take risky but successful decisions and enables them to conduct more useful discussions with customers so that business owners can better their understanding of the risk management structure.

Alsudais clarified that the bank is committed to investing in the development of its female and male employees and providing them with better educational and training opportunities whereby the “Enterprise Credit Risk Management” certificate will improve their abilities in risk management and public relations as per international standards.

It is also worth mentioning that Moody’s Analytics is the world’s leading provider of financial data analysis tools that enable organizations to make better and faster decisions, as it is packed with an extensive experience in the field of risks and information resources.