Al Rajhi Bank launches its third Financing Month in less than a year

Exceptional prices and offers, and free cards for life

Financing Month

Al Rajhi Bank launched the “Financing Month” campaign for the third time in less than one year. This campaign includes several options, solutions and various financing features at highly competitive rates, all offered to the Saudi market for the very first time within the bank’s facilitated and distinguished financing programs to meet client wants and needs.

The bank will extend these innovative offers beginning from the 2nd of June 2021 until the 4th of July 2021, which feature finance solutions for five products with the lowest possible profit margins and refunded administrative fees to best benefit the customer.

The campaign includes Real Estate Finance Products, Personal Finance Products, Car Rental Finance Products, Debt Payment Products, and free Credit Cards for life.

Financing Month represents an opportunity for the bank’s customers when applying for a Real Estate Financing Product to take advantage of several benefits, such as a financing period of up to 35 years. This product also includes many Financing Solutions, such as purchasing a pre-built housing unit or self-build project with the potential to benefit from other Real Estate Financing Products, including a low mortgage, administrative and real estate appraisal fee refunds, reduced financing rates and speedy approvals. The offer also incorporates attractive credit terms that feature easy payments for the Self-Build Product, starting at a 35% down payment with the possibility of including the Flexible Installment Feature, allowing the customer to benefit from better financing.

The Car Financing Month (for leased products) includes the lowest financing profit margin, no down payment, no administrative fees, and low monthly installments for 60 months, while cooperating with many car dealerships to include the 50/50 program for different types of cars in all cities and regions of the Kingdom.

Throughout this month, the bank offers various distinctive solutions through the Personal Financing Product, the Refinancing Product, the Flexible Financing Product, the Vacation Financing Product, the Installment Deferral Feature and Debt Payment Product. The aim is to encourage new customers to benefit from all these services and products, including the low profit margin, a 60 month installment period, refunded administrative fees and the additional advantage of postponing the first two installment payments while benefitting from their monthly salary after transferring the down payment to Al-Rajhi Bank.