Direct Debit Service

It is an electronic, easy and quick service designed to directly debit payments from the customer’s account for a service or product sold on an installments basis, without the need for the customer to visit the branch in order to pay the due amount.

Direct Debit service requires the customer, who has to pay the installments, to fill the Direct Debit form, get it signed and verified by his own Bank stating clearly the amount to be deducted. The form is then submitted to the company in order to add the customer’s name and all the information required.

Once the steps above are complete, all information will be sent to Al Rajhi Bank in order to debit the due amount according to the information provided from the customer’s account and easily deposit all amounts into the company’s account.

Service Features

  • Collect amounts electronically, easily and quickly
  • Receive installments on time
  • Narrow the margin of customers’ late installments
  • No need for the customer to visit the branch to pay the due installments

Service Benefits

  • Use of the latest electronic services to collect payments
  • Directly deposit payments in the company’s account
  • Unique service, the latest among banks through "Al Mubasher eCorporate"
  • Collect money from the customer’s account, through any local bank


  • An account for the company or the establishment with Al Rajhi Bank
  • Apply to "Al Mubasher eCorporate" services

How to Subscribe

It is very easy to apply. To find out more about our efficient service, please contact your Relationship Manager or you can reach us in the following ways: