Dividend Distribution

Al Rajhi Dividend Distribution Service is aimed at offering wellcoordinated and structured solutions that assist you in optimizing dividend payments to your shareholders. Our Dividend Distribution team is proficient in coordinating your payments and organizing the distribution of dividends in many ways like internal transfer, SARIE, cheques and branch counters.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient payments to account and/or non-account holders
  • Payment to non-account holders through branch counters (single and/or multiple)
  • Prompt payments on dividend dates (for updated account records)
  • Largest branch network with the largest number of account holders
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Convenient outstanding payment reconciliation
  • Provision of historical payment data
  • Updated shareholder records


  • Dividend payment agreement sign-off
  • Minimum of a 10 day time allowance between the availability of shareholder information and the payment date
  • Deposit of all payments including dividends, fees and commission amounts

How to Subscribe

It is very easy to apply. To find out more about our efficient service, please contact your Relationship Manager or you can reach us in the following ways: