Letters of Guarantee

Letter of Guarantee for Data Verification Service

It has been launched by Alrajhi Bank in order to reduce the fraud risk by fraudsters and ensure that the data verification is valid. The service is free of charge and does not inquire any authentication. In order to use the service , you need to enter the required Letter of Guarantee details and click on Verify button through following URL: https://www.artf.com.sa

Shipping Guarantee Issuance Form

Product Definition

A Letter of guarantee is an undertaking by Al Rajhi Bank on behalf of its customer to pay a certain sum of money to a beneficiary in case of default by the applicant in meeting certain terms and conditions of an agreement and contract.  Al Rajhi Bank issues or advises all types of letters of guarantee, which comply with international standard, local regulations and the bank’s principles.

Features and Benefits

  • Secure customers entering into bids, sales contracts, and tenders
  • Ability to track outstanding payments and orders easily
  • Fulfillment of contracts with counterparties, based on the guarantee terms

Transaction Mechanism

Al Rajhi Bank issues, advises, amends, extends, and liquidates, all based on customer requests.

Application Forms

Letters of Guarantee can be in the form of Bank Guarantees, Performance Bonds, Bid Bonds, Shipping Guarantees or Standby Letter of Credit.

Letter of Guarantee Issuance Form

Letter of Guarantee Amendment Form