About Financial Institutions

Your Gateway to the Middle East​

As a leading Bank in Saudi Arabia, and one of the largest sharia compliant Banks in the world, Al Rajhi Bank has an experienced Financial Institutions Department with an in-depth knowledge of international banking products and best-practices to meet the business requirements of its institutional clients.

Financial Institutions Group manages the relationships with all local and international financial institutions. We believe in the strength of building lasting relationships for mutual benefit. We offer a wide range of sharia-compliant products and services to fulfill our client Banks’ needs in the areas of Cash Management, Trade Finance, and Risk Participation.

ARB can be looked at as an entry point to Saudi Arabia to help the financial institutions to access local market and to partner with its relationship banks to have access to Saudi projects. Also with our international footprint through our branches in Jordan and Kuwait as well as our fully owned subsidiary in Malaysia, with its large branch network, our clients can have access to these markets as well.

Financial Institutions Booklet


Products and Services

ARB provides a wide range of sharia compliant products and banking solutions that are structured around client’s business needs. ARB is a market leader in the cash management field. Also we are active in trade finance various products whether letters of credit, letters of guarantee, and documentary collections. The bank is geared to handle all forms of letters of credit, as well as all types of guarantees such as bid bonds, performance bonds, advance payment guarantees, retention bonds, maintenance, labor and customs duty related guarantees. Also Trade Services include risk participation of trade related assets or transactions. Also we offer to our relationships a wide range of Sharia compliant Treasury Markets and FX products.

1. Cash Management Services

  • Commercial (Swift) Payments
  • Fast Payments
  • Nostro Services

2. Trade Services

  • Letters of Credit (import and export)
  • Letters of guarantees (Bid, Performance, Advance Payment, …etc)
  • Documentary collection (import & export)
  • Risk participation (funded & unfunded)

3. Banking Services

  • Murabaha Funding
  • Trade Loans
  • Bilateral Loans


  • Our Regulator - SAMA
  • Wolfsberg Questionnaire
  • US Patriot Act (W8Ben form)
  • KYC Registry

FI Contacts

Head Office Address: PO Box 28 Riyadh 11411 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Switch-board: +966 (11) 828 3990
  • Tel: +966 (11) 828 3026 OR +966 (11) 828 3027 OR +966 (11) 828 3025