Instant Notification

This new service will allow you to receive immediate automation FAX , mobile SMS and email notifications for all kind activities related to your trade transactions.

  • Immediate notifications
  • Fax, SMS, email notifications

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Automated Trade Notifications

  • If we have more than one fax , mobile number or email address, can we receive the notification on every machine?
    By default, only one fax number, email address, mobile number has been assigned for all trade products. But , you can add a new mobile number and fax number for each product with the exception of email addresses (at the moment only one email address is supported).
  • Who should we inform if our contact changes?
    Please contact any regional trade services center or inform your relationship manager or send a letter to the following address before changing your contact: Central Region:
    Al Rajhi Bank
    Trade Services
    Oliya Road, Aqariah Building-3-South, Ground Floor, Office-109,
    P.O.Box 28 Riyadh 11411

    Western Region:
    Al Rajhi Bank
    Trade Services
    Al Suhaily Center , Andalus Street, 4th Floor , Office 402
    P.O Box 605 Jeddah 21421

    Eastern Region:
    Al Rajhi Bank
    Trade Services
    Al – Khaleej Road, Kurnish Al – Dammam , Al Fares Building , 3rd Floor , Office 301
    P.O Box 6030 Dammam 31442 for more information, please call corporate phone Banking 8001228888 or click here to send an email.
  • Do we need to pay for this service?
    No, this service is free of charge.