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Improve your administrative operations

Choosing the best payroll service for your needs can help save time and money. Avoid the risk of mistakes, countless lost hours and the high cost of managing your own payroll by allowing us to support your business.

  1. Service support and customer service from 08:00 A.M until 08:00 P.M
  2. Complete automated system
  3. Comprehensive

Download the Payroll Services Application Form.

Download the Payroll Cards Application Form.

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More ways Payroll Services add value

  • Automated salary transfer and data exchange

    Automated Salary Transfer

    Automated, secure online payroll salary transfer solution that meets the needs of all employee levels within any organization

  • Electronic transmission files verification


    Be assured that your information always safe with our secure verification for all files electronically transmitted via the internet.

  • Internal and local bank transfers


    Pay your staff salaries directly into their accounts with any bank. Access to payroll services can be restricted to appointed personnel to ensure confidentiality.

    Automated portal will accept File (payroll) upload post verification, for salaries to be processed within the same value date with a cut-off time of 11:59AM