Payroll service allows organizations to pay salary payments to their employees by direct transfers to their bank accounts. The service is easy to use, and fully compliant with the rules and regulations of Wage Protection System (WPS) by the Ministry of Human Resources Social Development.

Register now for payroll registration through Al Rajhi Business with no setup fees and no monthly fees*

  • 0 set-up fees for 3 months (3 months from campaign launch).
  • 0 monthly fees for 3 months (3 months from campaign launch)
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  • Payroll Terms & Conditions apply
  • Offer valid from 23 November 2021 to 2 March 2022.


Key Characteristics and Benefits

  • Dedicated Internet based portal with advanced features.
  • Automated salary transfers and data exchange.
  • Electronic verification of files transmission.
  • Internal and local bank transfers.
  • Consumer finance for Payroll employees available to eligible companies.
  • Savings in the cost of system upgrades to maintain employee records and Payroll dates.
  • Savings in time and money spent on monthly reconciliation.
  • Reliable and detailed reports.
  • The largest customer base in the Kingdom.
  • Major companies have adopted ARB to use Payroll service.

Payroll services within Al Rajhi Business:

For convenient, secure and easy Payroll transactions over the internet, use Al Rajhi Business Services:

  • Online data updates on employee records.
  • Upload of bulk payroll files in the system.
  • Feedback files that shows successful and unsuccessful payroll payments.
  • WPS (Wages Protection System) feedback file – a digitally signed file ready for upload to the Ministry of Labor website.
  • Maintain payroll payments history for easy reference.