Never miss out on an investment opportunity

We have developed a number of Islamic products that we are sure will be of interest to you. Our products are always in accordance with both international standards and Sharia requirements

  • Cash to customers
  • Purchasing power
  • Real estate investment

More corporate products

  • Istisnaa

    This product is suitable for financing large real estate projects. Under Istisnaa, Al Rajhi Bank arranges to build an asset or plant (the project) in accordance with the specifications requested by the customer. Upon completion, the asset will be delivered to the customer against deferred payment of the sale price.

  • Akar

    Al Rajhi Bank’s Akar product gives customers the opportunity to invest in property. Repayment to the bank can be in the form of installments structured over a certain period of time.

  • Letters of Guarantee

    • Guarantee issuance
    • Guarantee amendment
    • Guarantee claim settlement
  • Erad

    Our Erad product provides credit facilities against the assignment of rental income for a specific period for those interested in financing a real estate purchase. This product enables owners of income generating properties to obtain credit facilities against assignment of rental income.The product enables real estate investors to increase their property holding, commercial activities or expand into new businesses, providing additional liquidity without the need to sell their properties.

    • Provides an opportunity to own investment properties
    • Financing opportunity that meets the needs of the customer's business activity