Al Rajhi Bank announced distribution of 1875 million riyals for the first half in 2008

19 August 2008

Mr. Abdullah Suleiman Al Rajhi, CEO of Al Rajhi Bank announced that the bank's board of directors had decided to distribute $1875 million riyals profits to shareholders for the first half of this year at 1.25 riyals per share, note that the eligibility of profits for shareholders will be enrolled in the bank records by the end of Monday's transactions 26/06/1429 H corresponding to 30/06/2008, and then transfer of profits to the accounts of shareholders will begin on Saturday 09/07/1429 H corresponding to 12/07/2008, The CEO added that the distribution of these profits affirms keenness of the bank's board of directors to achieve sustained returns and profits for the shareholders.
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