Al Rajhi Bank invites its shareholders to the 21st periodic General Assembly meeting

02 February 2009

The Board of Directors of Al Rajhi Bank is glad to invite the shareholders, owning 10 shares and over, to the 21st periodic General Assembly Meeting, taking place in the Riyadh Intercontinental Hotel, Buraidah Hall, Gate No. 6. The date is set for the afternoon of Monday 28 Safar 1430 H, corresponding to 23 February 2009. The Agenda of the meeting covers the following:
1 - Ratification of the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Account for the fiscal year ending 31/12/2008.
2 - Clearance of the responsibility of the members of the Board for their performance during the financial year ended 31/12/2008.
3 - Approval of the Board's proposal on the distribution of profits for the second half of 2008 at SR 1.75 per share, or 17.5% of the nominal value of each share, and on the right of the shareholders, who are included in the register of the bank, for profits at the end of the same stock trading day of the regular meeting of the General Assembly, which is 28 Safar 1430 H corresponding to 23 February 2009. This profit per share is additional to what has been distributed in the first half of 2008, which was SR 1.25 per share, to reach a total profit distributed in 2008 of SR 3 per share.
4 - Selection of the Chartered Accountants to review the Bank business affairs for the fiscal year 2009, based on the recommendation of the Audit Committee and assignment of their annual and quarterly fees.
Each shareholder has the right to assign another shareholder representing him at the meeting, who should not be a member of the Board of Directors or an employee of the Bank. The assignment should be a written authorization, that is attested by one of the parties:
  • The Chamber of Commerce
  • A local bank
Any shareholder who is interested to attend the meeting, must be present at the meeting place, before 4:00 pm and must be present the shares ownership documents. It should be noted that the legal convene of the periodic General Assembly is 50% of the total shares issued
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