Al Rajhi bank launched the first E-Service in the region for Guarantee letter data verification

04 January 2015

Al Rajhi Bank lunched this E-service to verify the data of Guarantee Letters online via Bank's website for free and without subscription, as it is considered the first of its kind in the Middle East ever.

It is provided by International Banking Department in Corporate Banking Group which reduces Guarantee letters fraud by using guarantee papers with high security standards.

This step is one of the innovative solutions that serves our customers from government and privet sectors which allow them to perform such tasks with ease and efficiency since they don’t have to either visit international centers or send the letters by fax for data verification, in addition, this particular time is vital which comes along a huge growth in regional economy.

It is worthy to mention that, Al Rajhi Bank has a dedicated section in its site “Al Mubasher” for corporate that is divided for private and government with many services that does not require branches physical visits.

In a continues journey for Corporate Group in Al Rajhi Bank in providing efficient products; it has been recently announced the completion of “Lock Box” first stage which is aimed to supply the major companies with corporate cash deposit which is as well considered the first of its kind in the Middle East and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last year. This project is an innovative solution tool to collect and deposit cash in major stores around the world which witnessed the delivery of 100 to 16 companies of various activities.

Years ago, Al Rajhi Bank lunched "Cash Deposit 24 Card", which is an innovative service for its corporations and establishments customers. Such Service allows depositing SAR 100.000 daily through ATM.

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