Al Rajhi Bank announced the winners names of the third Ladies Painting Competition

29 April 2012

The panel of judges that was set up by the management of the ladies branch network of Al Rajhi Bank announced the winners’ names of the third Ladies Painting Competition. This initiative was organized online in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Jordan and Kuwait. From each country, a grand prizewinner and a runner up were chosen, in addition to the 5 voters who won smart phones.

Ayat Mahmoud Yusuf Dahi won the grand prize in Saudi Arabia, with Batil Sabir receiving the runner up prize. In Malaysia, the first place prize went to Safina Jamaludin and Nadia bint Saad received the second place prize. Fatima Al Shemmari achieved the position of first place in Kuwait, while Hanouf Saad Mohmmad Al Mnefi came in second. As for the grand prizewinner in Jordan, the honor went to Samah Yassin and the runner up was announced to be Shoroq Al Abki.

The first place winner of each of the participating countries received a grand prize worth SR 10,000, while the second place winners got SR 5,000.

As for the winning voters who received smart phones, they are Razan Sadiq, Sharifah Al Saadoon, Huda Fouad, Hanouf Al Omar from Saudi Arabia and Abeer Dharmah from Jordan.

During this occasion, Mrs. Nawal Al Khanji, Head of the Ladies Branch Network in Al Rajhi Bank, said that the 2012 Ladies Painting Competition enjoyed a resounding success with over 2,400 paintings received from 4 different countries and more than 81,000 participating voters.

She added that the winners were picked based on the largest number of online votes, which were then checked by an unbiased panel of judges to ensure none were repeated. The panel also reviewed the paintings to make sure each complied with the Competition Rules. She also noted that the number of participants and the volume of votes reflect the great success achieved by the Bank through this cultural initiative. It engaged a community of ladies in four countries, highlighted the abundance of beautiful artistic talent and proved that creativity set within the boundaries of our values and beliefs grows brighter and deserved this tribute from the Bank as a social duty.

In conclusion, Ms. Al Khanji emphasized the cultural purpose behind the Competition, where it related the creativity and imagination of talented artists. It provided them with the opportunity to present and distinguish themselves, and in return they increased the sophistication of the Competition in a way that supported the more brilliant among them.

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