Al Rajhi Bank employees volunteer on World Autism Day

22 April 2019


Al Rajhi Bank organized a special event on World Autism Day as part of this year’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, by putting together a full-fledged program for a group of autistic children in Hafr Al-Batin and Al-Jawf, where employees, both men and women, participated.

The program included a variety of events, most notably an entertaining show for children and an interaction between the bank’s staff and the children to provide moral support through games and competitions. Volunteers of the bank expressed their joy towards the children’s participation in this campaign, which is proof of the strong relationship between the bank and the community on the one hand, as well as the bank’s staff and community members on the other.

In addition, Autism Centers, hosting the bank to implement these events and activities, valued its initiatives to visit the children and share their joy on World Autism Day. The centers also stressed on the bank’s leadership in its social and voluntary work on all occasions, wishing that Al Rajhi Bank continues its work in providing programs that strengthen its relationship with the community as a whole, but also that of its employees with community members.

It is also important to mention that the bank has put together an integrated social plan for the coming year, that mainly focuses on involving employees in volunteer work and activating their social role in the community, in line with the bank’s belief in instilling the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among its staff to increase their awareness in community issues. ​​

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