Al Rajhi Bank Launches Electronic Forms for Credit Letters and Navigational Guarantees

18 November 2015


Al Rajhi Bank launches electronic International Trade Forms, a new service of its kind located on Al Rajhi Bank’s corporate website. The forms include issuance and amendment of credit letters, guarantees and the issuance of navigational guarantees.

The purpose of the new service is to facilitate the data entry process as the electronic forms will be in PDF format which decreases the time and effort of filling out the forms and increases the accuracy and clarity of the inputs, thus reducing the need to return to the customer for any clarifications.

This new service from Al Rajhi Bank comes aligned with its continuous efforts to improve the customer’s banking experience through the use and activation of the latest technology. The new service will also contribute to the advancement of the corporate banking service sector.

It is worth mentioning that Al Rajhi Bank recently launched Email, fax and mobile SMS notification services for international trade products such as credit letters, documentary collections and guarantees. This service allows customers to obtain appropriate information without the need to contact the bank. ​

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