Al Rajhi Bank launches the Electronic Tracking Service for Credit Letters and Documentary Collections

17 August 2015

​​Al Rajhi Bank has launched a service allowing customers to electronically track credit letters and documentary collections through the bank's website free of charge and without the need to subscribe. This service will allow customers from the importing sector to track documents related to letters of credit and documentary collections and receive updates on their estimated time of arrival to international trade centers and availability to be received by the customer. Also, this service alerts exporters when documents reach corresponding banks.

This service is provided by the International Trade Administration in Al Rajhi’s Corporate Banking Group in tandem with other services to facilitate matters for Bank customers and free them from the need to visit branches and specialized international trade centers, such as the verification of letters of guarantee to reduce fraud.

Such a pioneering solution to serve the bank's corporate customers will offer them speed as it will no longer be necessary to visit international trade centers or call company toll-free numbers. In addition, the service will help private sector companies conclude their transactions with more ease.

The Bank offers several services to both the government and corporate sectors on its website through “AlMubasher for Government Agencies" and "AlMubasher Corporate” which provide an inclusive list of services that relieve customers from the hassle of visiting specialized branches or employees for tracking.​

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