Al Rajhi Bank signs a contract for the construction of its head office tower that’s worth more than 617 million riyals.

18 November 2012

Al Rajhi Bank signs a construction contract for its head office tower that’s located in the Riyadh with Samsung C & T (Corporation) that’s with CCE a Saudi company, the total amount of the contract is more than 617 million riyals.

Representing Al Rajhi Bank in signing the contract is Mr. Suleiman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Zabin CEO of Al Rajhi Bank, and representing Samsung C&T (Corporation) is
Mr. Yan Jo Jong Chairman of the Board, the signing took place at Al Rajhi Bank head office in Riyadh last Wednesday.

The project location is in the northern region of the capital Riyadh, which corresponds with the position and value of the bank, the land owned by the Al Rajhi Bank thus came the selection of the northwestern part of the land that’s located on King Fahd road.
According to the contract, construction will start in the next few days and the tower will be completed at the end of year 2015, company Hill International will manage the project.
Mr. Suleiman Al-Zabin said: On this occasion that the bank was keen to add a new unique architectural landmark in the capital Riyadh, the project design has won numerous international awards. He also explained that the preparation of the architectural design of the project was carried out by the advisory office (SOM) and the engineering designs were done by another advisory office (RSP) and both are international recognized construction advisory offices.
He also explained that the bank will create a better working environment for employees of the bank, that supports providing better service to our customers, and provide greater convenience for our visitors, and confirms through this project the identity of the bank where taken into account the architectural design of the building to be associated with the local environment, and to achieve the highest degree of efficiency functional and environmental systems and the use of the latest technology.
The tower project consists of 37 floors that have a great view of the capital Riyadh plus being surrounded by four towers, the total area is 60.859 square meters, that includes a ground floor dedicated to the reception, three other floors dedicated to services that include a mosque, lecture hall, training hall, and a cafeteria, followed by 31 floors for administrative offices and circulation areas for technical maintenance for the tower.
The tower project also includes four floors of underground parking (that’s 40.984 square meters), and an additional external building for parking that contains ten floors (that’s 19.602 square meters), the total number of car park space available of this project is 1400 car parks, this is to accommodate all employees of the head office, as well to allocating a part of it to visitors and customers to make visiting Al Rajhi Bank easier.
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