Al Rajhi Bank launches Leadership Academy in its headquarters

23 December 2019

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Abdallah Bin Suleiman Al Rajhi launched Al Rajhi Bank’s Leadership Academy at its headquarters located on King Fahd Road in Riyadh, in the presence of executives and Academy representatives.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors expressed his happiness towards this new initiative, which involves certifying Saudi Banking cadres, highlighting the fact that the enhancement of leadership skills is an essential part of Al Rajhi Bank’s strategy and a key factor in fulfilling expectations when it comes to developing Saudi talents to assume bigger responsibilities in the future.

The opening of the Leadership Academy comes as an extension of the bank’s goal to become the most sought-after working environment, as it aims to develop employees and grow young Saudi talent.

Al Rajhi Bank Academy relies on two main pillars including the “Banking Academy” and the “Leadership Academy”. The latter’s main role focuses on developing employees’ leadership skills, whereas the former focuses on developing employees’ abilities in the fundamentals of banking services.

The bank has developed a leadership curriculum in partnership with a number of global leading organizations with the best international practices. The majority of the development programs extend over a period of 12 months, designed with a mixture of on-the-job training in workshops and special training sessions alongside practical application projects during which participants work together in teams to apply key takeaways, frameworks and tools as they lead the bank’s main initiatives.

Some of the leadership development programs that were designed within the Leadership Academy framework include the Executive Leadership Program (12-month period), the Leadership Development Program (12-month period), the Transition Development Program (transformation), the Leadership Transition Program, the Supervisory Development Program, the Front-Line Manager Development Program and other.

The graduate development program established within the framework of the Al Rajhi Academy and Leadership College is considered the best program in the field as it has succeeded in nurturing young Saudi talent to become future leaders in line with the Kingdom’s vision for the year 2030.

Al Rajhi Bank continues to play a permanent role in the certification and training of young Saudi female and male employees year after year and successfully attract distinguished and ambitious people who wish to join the largest banks in the Kingdom.

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