Al Rajhi Bank wins the Middle East Institute Award of Distinction

21 June 2011

Al Rajhi Bank won the Middle East Institute Award of Distinction for being the best Electronic Bank in the Kingdom. This award has only been given to three of the GCC banks, one in KSA, Bahrain and one in UAE.

The Manager of online and mobile banking services in Al Rajhi Bank, Mr. Tahir Butt, received the prize during a ceremony that was held on the last day of the 17th Conference for Government and Electronic Services in Dubai, UAE.

The award aims to create a competitive spirit based on quality, between individuals, and the governmental and economic establishments of the region according to international assessment criteria. This is what positively influences the growth of the region’s IT industry and generates more efforts and research to always provide the best and most advanced in electronic services and products.

The Bank was picked due to its distinguished online banking services, which are accessed through its own website. The modern services offered, enable customers to enjoy a higher level of interaction with one of the most important Al Rajhi electronic channels.

It is common knowledge that Al Rajhi Bank received the prize for “Best Interactive and Innovative Website 2010” in the category of Arab World Islamic Banks. It was awarded by the Internet Academy Awards of the Arab region, which was established in collaboration with “Microsoft” and the Union of software producers in the Middle East. The prize aims to reward innovativeness in website design and development and the ability of its owners to show their creativity in the competition for best website in the Arab world.

Al Rajhi Bank was also awarded the IT Prize of Sheikh Salem Al Ali Assabah for having the best electronic website in 2008 and the Digital Distinction Prize in 2007 from the Saudi Ministry of Telecom and IT, as well as several other prizes that emphasize the distinction of its website.

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