Al Rajhi Bank launches 2nd round of “Your cash is waiting for you”

28 June 2011

This summer, Al Rajhi Bank offers a unique opportunity to thousands of its winning customers, whereby they get back the cash they spend using their ATM and Credit Cards while abroad. Each customer will have a chance to win up to SR 20,000 of what they spent. It will be giving a total of one million Saudi Riyals back to winning customers at the end of this summer offer.

The Campaign, titled “Your cash is waiting for you”, was launched last Monday and will be run until the end of Sha’aban H corresponding to the end of July G. At this period’s completion, the Bank will have an electronic draw to define the customers who used their ATM and Credit Cards outside KSA and therefore immediately give them back the cash they spent. By using their cards repeatedly, customers increase their chances of winning, since every withdrawal or POS payment transaction is considered to be an independent entry.

This offer is an extension of Al Rajhi Card benefits, which ensure high-level security for cardholders, enable cash withdrawals during travels and purchases at over a million POS machines around the world. It also encourages customers to use their cards instead of cash while abroad in order to give them an added level of security.

It is common knowledge that Al Rajhi Bank is the largest source for ATM Cards in the Kingdom considering it owns the biggest market share of bank customers. The Bank issues 30% of the Saudi Arabia’s total card issuances and they do so instantly through the largest network of branches and with the opening of new Al Rajhi Bank accounts.

This is the second time Al Rajhi Bank offers this opportunity. Last year, the Bank launched the Campaign’s 1st round, which was limited to ATM Card holders as opposed to this round’s addition of Credit Card holders. The draw was made electronically and 200 customers, men and women, won their cash back.

Similar to last year’s round, there will be one final draw this year at the end of the Campaign in which the winners are chosen under the Chamber of Commerce’s supervision. The winners will be announced electronically on the Al Rajhi Bank website.

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