Al Rajhi Bank Carries out Initiatives with the Help of Employees for the Orphans

13 December 2017


As part of Al Rajhi Bank's social responsibility scheme, it implemented several initiatives for orphans both (men and women) in Tabouk, Makkah and Yanbu. These initiatives included many recreational and educational activities, as well as snacks and gifts provided by the Bank to the orphans.

Bank employees volunteered to carry out these initiatives. They attended and socialized with the orphans and presented them with gifts. Their participation also included games and educational activities. More than 60 employees volunteered across the previously mentioned cities while over 500 orphan children engaged in the initiatives. Al Rajhi Bank felt honored to have been able to give them an open day of fun and smiles.

This year, the Bank rolled out an integrated plan for social work based primarily on voluntary participation and activating the social role of employees. Al Rajhi Bank is keen to enhance the level of initiation, cooperation and employees integration into the community across the kingdom. ​

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