Al Rajhi Bank renovates and repaints houses of those in need in Jizan and Ha’il

07 March 2019


For the third year in a row, Al Rajhi Bank organizes a volunteering campaign to repaint and fix more than 20 houses in Sibi’ah governate in Jizan and Ha’il. The latter is part of the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility program in line with this year’s plan to repaint and renovate houses in 7 cities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al Rajhi coordinated with home owners before its employees volunteered to help with the repairs in both Jizan and Ha’il, along with the bank’s participation. It is through this program that renovations and maintenance took place at the bank’s expense. The painting however, was done by specialized organizations.

Home owners, present at the site, expressed their gratitude towards the bank’s initiative. Volunteers also felt the importance of their participation for the sake of the community; an event that encouraged them to take part in future programs by the bank.

It is also important to note that Al Rajhi Bank has organized a number of CSR programs this year, and has focused on the involvement of its employees in volunteer work, so that they can proudly share the bank’s beliefs and entrust them with the same spirit of entrepreneurship and contribution for the good of the community. ​

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