Al Rajhi Employees Volunteer in ‘Qassim Is Green’ Campaign

10 April 2018

As a part of Al Rajhi’s Social Responsibility Programs, a number of the bank’s employees participated in ‘Qassim Is Green’ campaign in Qassim National Park in Buraydah. The social environmental initiative falls under the “Green Future” program launched by the bank two years ago. The bank is supporting its employees to participate whole heartedly in this campaign.

The campaign included a number of activities such as the employees attending a comprehensive presentation about the park, the trees grown there, the importance of the program in preserving the environment and the range of trees that distinguish this part of the city. Afterwards, Al Rajhi employees took a tour around the park with the officials, where they were shown the different stages of the activities and also participated in planting a number of trees.

The Park’s officials expressed their utmost happiness about Al Rajhi’s initiative and the participation of its employees, who in turn expressed their pleasure being a part of this event that raises awareness about preserving the environment.

It’s worth mentioning that the event falls under Al Rajhi’s 2018 social responsibility programs and voluntary work around the Kingdom, which aims at strengthening the ties between the bank and the society on one hand and the bank’s employees and their community on the other.

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