Al Rajhi Bank Sponsors Riyadh International Marathon

21 February 2018


As a key partner, Al Rajhi Bank sponsors the Riyadh International Marathon, held next Saturday in Riyadh, and organized by the General Sports Authority. The marathon is one of the quality sports events established by the Authority and implemented to spread the culture of sports.

The sponsorship of such an important social and health event comes as part of the Bank’s efforts to serve the community. This race is an integral part of community sports and is a call for a demand to increase sports in order to encourage society to practice all types of sports, and exercise in general.

This Marathon is the largest in terms of financial prizes given by the Sports Authority whom will allocate SAR 2 Million, one for first place, and one divided on the remaining placements. In addition to three cars to be given to the winners.

The Department of Community Service at Al Rajhi Bank thanked the Authority and the Organizing Committee for their efforts in providing the necessary to hold and host this event and to welcome race participants. The marathon is hosted by King Saud University, and will have three different categories: the first is the professional race running 21 km from 9am to 12pm. The second race is 8 km, starts at 3pm, ends at 4:30pm, and will be dedicated to amateurs and people in wheelchairs. The last race is 4 km for beginners, starting from 4:30pm and ending at 5:30pm.

The Riyadh International Marathon will witness the participation of the Saudi Federation for Community Sports, with a number of events and activities on Thursday and Friday. The day of the race will begin at 9am and the marathon will include a mini race for children under 12 years of age as part of the General Sports Authority’s objective to create an attractive and exciting sports industry that stimulates the society to practice in all types of sports.

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