Al Rajhi Bank launches customer data update feature via self-service machines

09 January 2019

​In line with its vision to achieve digital leadership through self-service, Al Rajhi Bank launched a one-of-a-kind feature through its self-service machines, "Asraa-أسرع". The new service will now enable customers to update their data by scanning their fingerprints directly through the machine without having to visit the branch.

The new service allows the customer to update the identity expiry dates using his/her fingerprint. It comes as a part of the continuous efforts of the bank to develop the customer services system, facilitate banking procedures and motivate them to use the modern electronic channels that are provided to meet the expectations of the bank's customers and enhance the levels of acceptance and satisfaction in their experience. 

The new service is added to Al Rajhi Bank's automated service package through the self-service platform "Asraa-أسرع", which emphasizes the bank’s position as the leader in the field of customer services and the positive transition from traditional branch banking to new digital channels such as issuing bank cards, cheque books, and statements using fingerprint technology, also printing the IBAN document, updating the national address, cash transfers, payment of bills, government payments and other services.
The bank recently announced two weeks ago the launch of its cheque issuing service, which can be printed through the self-service machine in a rapidly fast time, 24 hours a day, and in a process characterized by ease, seamless convenience and high security standards, eliminating the need to wait inside the branches for longer times. 

It is worth mentioning that Al Rajhi Bank's self-service network, Asraa, is the largest self-service network in the region, with branches across the Kingdom.
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