International remittances are free for 30 days after your first remittance
Enjoy the free remittances to all countries with unlimited number of remittances within 30 days of your first remittance, through our digital channels.

Period of Promotion:

Dec 31, 2020

Terms and Conditions

  • First remittance will be charged, then any other remittances that occurs during the period of 30 days will be free of charge.
    • Every remittance that occurs during the free 30 days period, will renew the free 30 days period.
    • Example: When you remit today with a charge, then you have a 30 days period of free of charge remittances. And when you remit, free of charge, 15 days after the first charged remittance, then we will renew the free of charge period for another 30 days, starting from the 2nd remittance, and so on until the offer ends.
  • The free period will start 24-hours after the first remittance.
  • This offer applies only on remittances through Al Rajhi mobile app, Tahweel Al Rajhi app, Al Rajhi Keyboard app, and on Al Mubasher.
  • Applies only on international remittances.
  • This offer is valid until 31/12/2020.