Point of Sale

An easier way to conduct your banking

The Point of Sale (POS) service is an electronic money transferring system that enables you to purchase goods from merchants using your Debit Card or Credit Cards.The system transfers the amount of money directly from the your bank account to the merchant’s, as long as both accounts are within the mada, MASTERCARD and VISA networks. It is a convenient service providing faster and easier ways for you to buy what they want, when you want; with the money being transferred immediately from account to account.

Features and Benefits

  • The system makes a bank account balance inquiry before performing the transaction to ensure there are sufficient funds
  • You don’t need to carry cash everywhere, just be sure to carry your Debit Card or Credit Cards
  • POS outlets accept cards from the mada, MASTERCARD and VISA networks

Al Rajhi Bank's POS Service

Al Rajhi Bank is the leading POS service provider in the Kingdom with over 340,000 POS terminals distributed throughout the Kingdom, serving thousands of customers in their day to day transactions.

Benefits of Al Rajhi's POS Service

  • We are responsible for terminal maintenance and supplies
  • We provide support monitored from our seven regional support offices in the Kingdom supervised by POS regional officers
  • We provide 24/7 service through the toll-free number 920004550

How to Obtain an Al Rajhi Business POS 

  • An account must be opened with Al Rajhi Bank
  • The site should be ready for installation
  • The POS agreement (available at all Al Rajhi Bank Branches) must be filled-in