“Ashal” Prepaid Salary Card

Al Rajhi Bank is pleased to offer the House Laborers Prepaid Salary “Ashal” Card, which enables its holder to receive salaries and bonuses (if any) in a secure and authenticated way.

In addition, the card enables the holder to withdraw cash from ATM Machines, as well as obtain the legally permissible goods and services, and other transactions made available by the Bank.

Features of “Ashal” Prepaid Salary Card

  • Enables Employers to pay salaries and bonuses (if any) of their House Workers electronically in a secure and authenticated way.
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs, which bear mada Signature in Saudi Arabia.
  • Buy goods and services via POS machines, which bear mada Signature in Saudi Arabia.
  • PIN & Chip security for secure shopping experience.
  • Limiting the deposits into the card balance to be only from the current account of the employer.
  • International remittances.
  • Generate mini statement of the card balance.
  • Updating mobile number.
  • Pay SADAD bills.

The easiest way to get “Ashal” Prepaid Salary Card

You can easily apply for “Ashal” Prepaid Salary Card through:

  • Al Mubasher
  • Al Mubasher
  • Al Rajhi App
  • The Financial Transfer from Employer Current Account to “Ashal” Card

    After receipt and activated “Ashal” card by the house labor, employer can start process of transferring salary/bonus in the following ways:

  • Al Mubasher
  • Al Rajhi App
  • Renew or Replace the Card

    Employer can carry out the renewal or replacement of the House Labor Card through the Al Mubasher or Al Rajhi App.

  • Al Mubasher
  • Al Rajhi App
  • Required Documents

    • The Employer must be Al Rajhi current accountholder click here
    • House Laborer valid Iqama ID
    • To complete the application form.

    *Terms & condition apply