Your New Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card… With Additional Safety Features For Better Protection

Within the framework of our commitment to provide the best services to our customers, we are pleased to announce that we added a Smart Chip to our Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card. The Smart Chip is the latest in protection technology used in all new Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card, which allows you to use Cards more securely and receive the maximum protection against unauthorized use.

What Is A Smart Chip And PIN?

Your Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card is embedded with a microchip (Smart Chip). Cards with Smart Chip technology are harder to copy since they are safeguarded against counterfeiting. In addition the card will be used with your Personal Identification Number issued by the Bank and the PIN is a 4-digit.

Smart Chip Features

  • A new Card with modern technology that is compatible with global standards
  • Provides you with more security and protection while completing your transactions and reduces the likelihood of fraud and misuse
  • Cannot be tampered with or falsified
  • This new Card contains a number of services that can be further developed in the future due to its flexibility in terms of programming and the adaptation of programs to serve the needs of the client
  • Applications and information can be updated without a need to change the Card

Can I Use My Smart Chip Card To Pay For Goods And Services In KSA And Overseas?

Yes, you can use it to pay for everyday purchases wherever you go. Your Smart Chip Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card is accepted on all Point Of Sale devices in all retail outlets in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and over 25 million retail outlets worldwide, giving you easy access to your Bank account at all times.

How Do I Use The Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card Embedded With A Smart Chip?

It is very easy to use:

  • Every time you use a Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card that contains a Smart Chip for purchases at any Point of Sale or for cash withdrawals through ATMs, you will be asked to enter a PIN to complete the process. Use the PIN to confirm the operation so as to ensure more protection for your Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card If a POS device does not support purchasing transactions for Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Cards that carry the Smart Chip, you need only to use the Card as you normally do (swipe on the POS terminal) and sign at the end of the process
  • When you use your Smart Card at an ATM, it will ask you to enter a PIN just like it did when you were using your old magnetic Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card

Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card Features

With your Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card you can make purchases in over 27 million outlets locally and internationally at any Point-of-Sale that carries the VISA Electron logo. You can also withdraw cash at any ATM with the Visa or PLUS logo around the world.

  • Locally and internationally accepted for all your purchases
  • A convenient way to withdraw cash
  • Safe to carry and use
  • Instant issuance through any Al Rajhi Bank branches
  • Enjoy more secure online shopping. Know more​

Al Rajhi mada Debit Card Terms and Conditions