Tasawaq Card

Look like a Debit Card … act as Credit Card

Do you want to get a pre-approved credit card instantly and without getting into debt? Al Rajhi Taswaq Card is perfect for shopping, online buying and traveling. It offers more benefits than you expect and with simple requirements.

Before using your card, you have to transfer the needed amount of money to its account from your current account using Al Mubasher Retail. Once the transferred amount is consumed, you cannot use your cards unless you re-transfer needed money to it again and so forth.

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Features of Taswaq Cards

  • Instant discounts at over 50 retail stores
  • Best currency exchange rates for usage abroad
  • Simple refilling through “Al Mubasher retails”
  • Instant issuance of card at any Bank branch
  • More secure than Cash for travel (3D secure through:Verification process; One Time Password for online shopping; EMV chip to protect your information)
  • “Visa Checkout” the easier pay online Service. Know More

The easier way to get an Al Rajhi Credit Card

If you already have an account with Al Rajhi Bank, you can easily apply for Al Rajhi Credit Cards through:

Al Mubasher Retail

  • Register and login to the Al Mubasher Retail service
  • Go to "Credit Cards"
  • Click on "Request for a new Card"
  • Enter the required information and apply electronically

In case of approval (conditions apply), the Credit Card will be sent to you anywhere directly via one of the carrier companies. To apply click here

Tele Sales team

If you have an account with Al Rajhi, simply fill in the form and our tele sales team will contact you shortly to complete you application. The form

Al Rajhi Bank branches

You are welcome to visit the nearest branch where you can get instant Credit Card issuance within 30 minutes. All you have to do is complete the relevant application form and submit it to the employee serving you. By obtaining Taswaq card, you will enjoy the benefits of multiple knowingly designed and effectively to guarantee you security, flexibility, and convenience they seek in your daily life.

Required Documents

  • An account with us, open an account
  • Copy of national ID/valid Iqama
  • Filled out the application form