Exclusively with Al Rajhi Murabaha Credit Cards… Get iPhone XS or iPhone XR starting from SAR 146 per month

Al Rajhi Bank is introducing a unique and delightful experience with ultimate convenience for Al Rajhi Murabaha Credit Cardholders by offering an opportunity to own an iPhone with a flexibility of repayment over 24 months.

How you can purchase an iPhone on 24- month installment with Al Rajhi Murabaha Credit Cards?

  • Simply purchase iPhone of your choice from one of our participating partners listed below.
  • zain x_site virgin_mega_store stc_channel
    mobily jarir istore hadad
    extra aleph

  • Call Al Rajhi Bank customer service after 48 hours at 920003344 to request the conversion of the transaction into 24-month equal installments
  • Also, if you wish to get a call response, please fill this easy online form and our representatives will get back to you.

For transaction conversion into installment, Al Rajhi will reduce the profit margin of the Murabaha Credit card to this process to be 5% (= 0.20% per month for 24 months).


iPhone Product Device Price 5% profit Total Price EMI
iPhone XS​ ​4,300 ​215 ​4,515 ​188

Estimated EMI per iPhone model*:

iPhone Monthly Installment - 24 Months
iPhone XS Max 512GB SAR 276 
iPhone XS Max 256GB SA237 
iPhone XS Max 64GB SA209 
iPhone XS 512GB SA258 
iPhone XS 256GB SA219 
iPhone XS 64GB SA188 
iPhone XR 256GB SA175 
iPhone XR 128GB SA155 
iPhone XR 64GB SA146 
iPhone X 256GB SA204 
iPhone X 64GB SA176 
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB SA168 
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB SA139 
iPhone 8 256GB SA151 
iPhone 8 64GB SA121 
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB SA144 
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB SA127 
iPhone 7128GB SA119 
iPhone 7 32GB SA99 
iPhone 6s Plus 128GB SA105 
iPhone 6s Plus 32GB SAR​ 85 
iPhone 6s 128GB SA100 
iPhone 6s 32GB SA72 

* 5% profit rate already included on the 24 months installment table. Monthly installment amount is estimated monthly payments and is subject to change based on iPhone price at participating merchants.

Period of Promotion:

From 25th November 2018 to 31st January 2019

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is only valid for Al Rajhi Murabaha Credit Cards.
  • The offer is limited to participating merchant partners listed above.
  • The 24 months financing plan is strictly limited to purchase transactions of iPhone 6s & above and related accessories only.
  • Please ensure to have your iPhone’s IMEI number ready when you call the Al Rajhi Call center.
  • After purchasing an iPhone, please call Al Rajhi Call Centre at 920003344 after 48 hours of the purchase to request the conversion of transaction into 24 months equal installment by quoting your iPhone’s IMEI number (Printed on the back side of your iPhone box).
  • The bank will charge a profit of only 5% of the transaction amount upon conversion of the transaction into 24 month installment.
  • If the customer does not call the bank for the transaction conversion into 24 month installment plan before statement due date, the transaction will be treated as normal POS purchase transaction.
  • The maximum amount for an iPhone purchase transaction conversion into installment is SAR 7,000
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