Add more hours to your day with Al Rajhi Bank’s extended hours for your finance solutions!

We know how busy you can be, and that’s why Al Rajhi Bank found Sharia compliant solutions for extended banking just for you. By trading in Sharia compliant commodities as an alternative to shares, our Advanced Personal Finance solutions are available for an extended period of time, allowing you to apply for Finance solutions between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. This service is allowed at our Sila branches and Al Rajhi Bank special showrooms, so visit us now and apply for your finance solutions. Our regular services until 5 p.m. are available at all Al Rajhi Bank branches.

Apply for your finance now and get it from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Terms and Conditions

How To Apply

  • Please visit your nearest Al Rajhi Bank branch
  • Call us at 8001241222
  • Apply Online
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What happens if I want to sell the property before the financing is paid off?
    You would need to make an immediate repayment of the principle outstanding amount by way of early settlement and we would transfer the title in your name or to the person you requested.