Personal and Home in one package at the same time

Now, you can get the financing of personal and home in one package at the same time to finance the purchase of a house or apartment and get sufficient financing to achieve your dreams or fulfill your other obligations.

Example: In case your monthly salary is SR 10,000 you can get the following finances

Personal Home
Finance Amount (SR) 183,468 Finance Amount (SR) 888,451
Term Cost % 3.50% * Finance Rate % 2.95% *
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) % 4.01% * Effective Rate % 5.05% *
Finance Period (Years) 5 Finance Period (Years) 20
Total Monthly Installment (SR) 6,000
Number of Installments ( Months) 240

Note: The rate shown above is an example and the offer rates are purely subject to Al Rajhi Bank terms and conditions which are subject to change time to time.

Your Eligibility

  • Saudi national
  • Not less than 6 months employment with current employer, which must be approved by us
  • A minimum monthly salary above SR 5,000
  • Finance rate 0.5% will be added to offer rate if the salary range is between 5000-7500 riyals
  • The applicant’s age should not exceed 50 years

Your Finance Steps

  • Open an account with us (for a new customer)
  • Transfer your salary to your account
  • Fill in the application forms of Personal and Home Finances and submit the required documents
  • Sign the contracts after our final approval

How to Apply?

  • Telephone (Toll Free): 800 124 1222
  • Branch: Visit your nearest branch

Apply Online

Finance Documents Required

  • Completed application forms for personal and home finances
  • Copy of National ID
  • Salary Certificate
  • Sale agreement for a property intended to purchase
  • A copy of the title deed of the seller
  • Location map of the home
  • A copy of the building permission