All You Need to Know about Home Financing | A Comprehensive Guide

Buying a property for the first time is very exciting and represents a transitional stage in the life of the home buyer! And obtaining a home financing plan with the best bank for home financing makes the purchase incomparably smooth and easy. If the homebuyer takes the needful steps, he can secure the best home financing experience – which is what Al Rajhi Bank provides throughout the repayment period. At Al Rajhi Bank, there is a suitable home financing solution for every homebuyer, whether looking to buy an apartment or villa, a piece of land, or even build a house!

What does Al Rajhi Bank offer?

Al Rajhi Bank presents both home and personal financing at the same time, where you can buy a villa or apartment, and at the same time, have enough liquidity to pay for whatever you wish or fulfill other commitments that you may have. The amount you can borrow is decided based on your monthly salary, and you will definitely receive the best Annual Percentage Rate (APR) from Al Rajhi Bank’s home financing calculator.

How much money can I borrow through the home financing solutions?

The first step towards the house of your dreams is to know the sum you are eligible to borrow. The amount is equivalent to approximately 58 times your monthly salary, to be repaid over a period of 20 years. Alternatively, you can borrow an amount equivalent to 82 times your salary over 30 years. For example, if your monthly salary is 10,000 Saudi Riyals, the amount you can borrow would be 848,057 SR – to be repaid with a 6000 SR monthly installment for a period of 20 years.

How can I apply?

To apply for home financing, you can visit the nearest Al Rajhi Bank branch or simply fill out an application form on our website which would take you only a few minutes.

There are some conditions to qualify for a home financing loan. Firstly, this service can only be availed by Saudi nationals. Secondly, the minimum monthly salary required is 5000 SR for government and semi-government employees, and 7500 SR for private sector employees. Thirdly, the employee has to be enlisted with one of the accredited bodies and the salary must be transferred to Al Rajhi Bank. This is in addition to other conditions at Al Rajhi Home Finance

For more information on home financing solutions at Al Rajhi Bank, get in touch with us now.​