An Innovative Solution For Property Developers

If you’re a property developer and looking for a finance tie-up that will help sell your properties to potential customers through an easy and smooth finance, we have the right solution for you.

This new service is based on a marketing agreement with you where we evaluate the properties of the project in discussion.

How it Works

  • During the development of the project, we agree with the developer to evaluate the properties in the projects
  • Once we evaluate the properties and sign an agreement with the developer, we work on mutually marketing the properties. We place the properties on our property search website, and we dedicate to you a team to sell home finance
  • When a customer identifies a property through our website , we direct him to your project location and we provide him with your contacts, so he can visit the property and come back to you to complete the finance process


  • Easier finance for the customer who wants to buy through finance, by limiting the documents required to his personal documents only
  • Quicker finance for the customer, since we will evaluate the properties, so we do not need to have a second evaluation in each new customer application
  • More convenient sales process for the real developer
  • Additional marketing channel for your properties, through our property search website